Why Amsterdam?

Why Amsterdam?

For its people. Young, international, full of life and ideas. I am living here for 3 and a half years, and I have met here incredible people from all around the world, some of them became my close friends.

For its shopping and fashionistas on the streets. For relaxed Dutch style, yes I like it, because I just love being comfortable with myself and not worry much about how I look, even if I am out in the middle of the autumn with wet hair and wearing fluffy funny looking vintage coat- it is normal here.

For its vibrant culture.. and bicycles. Bicycles are just my thing. I move around Amsterdam only with my bicycle, even if I need to ride for half an hour to another side of the city- I just enjoy it. I am riding my bicycle even when it is raining or snowing. I also do one million things when I ride it, like drinking coffee, talking on the phone or even transporting a piece of furniture. I am a proud owner of a pale pink bike.

For its greenness. Amsterdam is so green, with its twining and trailing blooming plants which occupy almost every building.. Needless to say it looks magical in combination with art nouveau architecture. And of course flower shops on every corner that have flowers I never heard of or saw in my life before moving to Amsterdam. Just love passing by flower shops and admire seasonal flowers and bouquets.

For its cozy bars and restaurants. Sitting outside during all the seasons and drinking fresh mint tea. Yes, you can find fresh mint everywhere here, in the shops, markets ( where it is super cheap, for the whole bunch only 50 cents) or you can always order it in any cafe or restaurant and they will have it. And I just love fresh mint tea. You can find here cuisine from any part of the world as it is so international here. Nepalese or Zanzibari cuisine? – Sure. I love exploring new places to eat out, as I am a foodie.

For its endless canals and sunsets.. You can admire glittering sun rays on the water while you are enjoying a quick cup of flat white by the canal.

For its non-stopping events, exhibitions, festivals etc. You know it never ends here with this sort of things.

For its secret places. You can eat a burger in a typical burger place and end up in a secret posh night club if you accidentally hit the wrong door.

For its pop- up stores. Dutch people are masters of them, they all look absolutely cute. You can find there anything. From vintage furniture, last season designer shoes, niche cosmetics, cute handmade accessories from a small local brand, useless gadgets. Or you can have a small chit chat with the owner of the place and have a coffee or champagne.

And of course for its transport connections. You are in the center of Europe, so you can fly easily everywhere or just to take a train to Paris or Berlin for the weekend.